Cooler Master Booth Tour at CES 2024

New Cases

The NR200P is getting a new revision!

At CES Cooler Master has revealed the NR200P V2. This new model of Cooler Master’s popular ITX chassis will support larger GPUs and be able to cool them more effectively than before.

This new case model takes some design ques from Cooler Master’s NCORE cases, and features a USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 port. Internally, the case can now support GPUs up to 356mm long and 160mm high thanks mostly to a custom PCIe 4.0 riser cable. The case also has been upgraded with support for a bottom-mounted 120mm fan to maximise GPU cooling.

Sadly, Cooler Master has not revealed a price or release date for their NR200P V2.

MasterBox 600

At CES, Cooler Master revealed their MasterBox 600. This new case is the first Cooler Master case that supports “back-connector” motherboards. This means that this motherboard will support MSI Project Zero and ASUS BTF motherboards.

Our of the box, this new PC case ships with three 140mm Sickleflow fans to deliver strong out-of-the-box cooling. Wit this case, Cooler Master wants to set a high bar for new “entry-level” PC cases.

Below you can see the MasterBox 600 with an MSI Project Zero motherboard and a new vertical GPU mount from Cooler Master. Cooler Master has confirmed that this new PC case supports a 420mm liquid cooling radiator, an uncommon feature for a co-called “entry level” PC case.

HAF 700 EVO White

Cooler Master has confirmed that they are making a new white version of their high-end HAF 700 EVO PC case. This gives their HAF 700 a new aesthetic for PC builders to enjoy, and personally, I think this case looks great in white.

Wood Edition QUBE 500 Flatpack case

We reviewed Cooler Master’s QUBE 500 PC case back in September 2023, and we loved it. The case is a modders dream, and it wasn’t long before we were painting custom front/side panels for this enclosure. At CES, it is clear that Cooler Master had a similar idea. At CES they shown us a a “Wood Edition” of their QUBE 500, and it looks great.

Cooler Master NCORE 100 Max – The Ultimate ITX case

Next up we have the NCORE 100 MAX, a case that we have previously covered here. In short, this case is designed to accommodate the size of large graphics cards while taking up minimal desk space. This is a great case for someone who wants a minimalist aesthetic and an RTX 4090.

Out of the box, this case features a custom CPU cooling solution and a pre-installed power supply with pre-routed cables. This streamlines the PC building process, and minimises the time it takes to get your mini PC up and running.

This PC case is a great option for an office where you want to maximise desk space while still having a beastly PC at your disposal. With the right ITX motherboard users of this case could easily use something like a Ryzen 9 7950X with an RTX 4090, a beastly hardware combo for any productivity workload.

HAF 700 White

Cooler Master have also confirmed that they are also giving their HAF 700 the white treatment. We did this when we painted our HAF 700 white back in 2022, something that slightly annoyed Cooler Master’s staff. That said, We think theirs looks a little better with their grey mesh (as we kept our mesh black).

Again, it is great to see that PC builders are getting more options. The HAF 700 is a fantastic case, and I am sure its new white model will sell well.

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