Lian Li PC-O5S ITX Case Review

Lian Li  PC-O5S Review


Lian Li aren’t exactly known for making “Normal” cases.  Sure they might make some enclosures that look like normal desk top towers, but for the greater part there’s usually something about them that separates them from the pack, even if that certain something is merely the exemplary quality we’ve come to expect from Lian Li.  Where Lian Li really excel however is when they release their designers from their creative shackles, tell them not to produce “normal” and let their creative juices generate something truly unique.  Granted the end product is usually niche, and it has to be said more often than not quite expensive, but then, as they say, quality costs money, and so does innovation.  Let’s put it this way, when Lian Li make a case you’re not going to see multiple clones based on the same chassis from the same OEM are you?

So what’s so special about the PC-O5S (yes that’s a “O” not a 0, the font we use in the page header makes it look like a 0).  Well for a start it has an over sized tempered glass window.  That, and the fact that you can wall mount it, or even place it horizontally.  In fact, if Lian Li made bumper stickers this one would say ” Lian Li does it Vertically, Horizontally, and Up against the wall”.  Before we tell you too much more though, let’s have a look at them all important Technical Specifications. 


Technical Specification

 Type   Mini Chassis 
 Dimensions  465x384x148mm (HxWxD)
 Material  Aluminium with Tempered Glass
 Colour  Black
 Weight  6.4kg
 Motherboard  M-ITX
 5.25″  1x Slim ODD (1×3.5″ or 1.2.5″)
 Storage behind M’board tray  3.5″x1 + 2.5″x1 or 2×2.5″
 Storage on M’board tray  3.5″x1 + 2.5″x1 or 2×2.5″
 HDD Rack  3.5″x3 + 1×2.5″
Expansion Slots  4

 Top:  2x120mm

 Side: 1x140mm (Optional)

 Front I/O  USB3.0 x 2, HD Audio
 Max GPU Length  190mm (175mm when using a VGA card with a front-located power plug)
 310mm(Remove HDD rack)
 Max PSU Length  140mm (SFX PSU)
 Max CPU Cooler Height  85mm
 Space for Radiator  60x300x130mm (HxWxD)
  PCI-E Riser Cable  1 (Gen 3.0)