Lian Li PC-O7S Review

Lian Li PC-O7S Review


Having recently looked at the M-ITX Lian Li PC-O5S, it’s now time to break out the wide angle lens and get to grips with the Aluminium and Tempered glass monolith that is the PC-O7S.  Why wide angle?  Why Monolith?  Well have a look at the measurements, at 585x514x148mm (HxWxD), the PC-O7S is simply huge, even for a full size ATX case, and at a smidge under 10kg it’s no lightweight either.  Granted most of that weight comes from the massive tempered glass side panel, and not from the hair brushed Aluminium chassis and panels, but 10kg is still 10kg.  If you’ve seen the reviews of its stable mates you’ll already know that like them this case is designed to be wall mounted, as well as traditionally with the included stand, or horizontally with the optional feet.  However, all that glitters is not necessarily gold (or deep black Aluminium for that matter), so best we have a look at the Technical Specifications and see what the PC-O7S has to offer on the inside.

Technical Specification 

 Model  PC-O7S 
 Case Type  Mid Chassis
 Dimensions  585x514x148mm (HxWxD)
 Materials  Aluminium chassis and panels with Tempered Glass Panel
 Colour  Black
 Weight  9.9kg
 5.25″  1xSlim
 Storage Behind Motherboard Tray  1×3.5″ + 2×2.5″ or 2×3.5″, or 3×2.5″
 Storage In Front of motherboard Tray  3×3.5″ or 3×2.5″ (Occupies PCI slot space.)
 HDD Rack Storage  3×3.5″ + 1×2.5″
 Expansion Slots  4

 Roof:           3x120mm

 Side panel:  1×140 (optional)

 Front I/O  4xUSB3.0 HD Audio
  PCI-E 16X Riser Cable  1(Gen 3.0)
 Max GPU Length  310mm (410mm with HDDD rack removed)
 Max PSU Length  220mm
 Max CPU Cooler Height  85mm