Noctua go all black for Computex 2018

Noctua go all black for Computex 2018


Noctua has held a special place in OC3D’s heart since an era before AIO liquid coolers even existed, a time where PC cooling was either air cooling or fully custom water, with no middle ground between the two.  

Back in those days, a single air cooler reigned supreme, the venerable Noctua NH-D14, a product that can be called nothing short of legendary. Love them or hate them, Noctua has consistently showcased a determination to create the best fans and heatsinks on the market, investing in new technologies, materials design to develop the pinnacle of fan performance with each product generation. 

Some could say that Noctua does too good of a job when creating new fans and heatsinks, as there is no other explanation as to why so many PC builders are willing to buy brown/beige, non-RGB fans. 

Cooling more than just your PC – A Noctua Desk Fan? 

Noctua understands that it isn’t just your PC that needs cooling, sometimes PC users need just as much cooling as their components. At this year’s Computex Noctua are showcasing a new desk fan that is based on their latest NF-A12x25 fan, combining everything that they know about airflow to keep you as cool as your PC components. 

This desk fan system uses what Noctua calls a “three-way airflow amplification system” using their custom shroud design to turn the fan’s circular motion into straight directional air movement, forcing more air away from the cooler into the direction the fan unit is facing. Combine this with the enclosure’s funnel-like shape, and the air is forced to move faster, increasing the maximum air velocity at the fan frame’s outlet, again expanding its cooling effect. 

Last but not least is the Venturi effect, with Noctua taking advantage of the laws of physics to pull air that is not pushed by the fan towards where their desk fan is facing. Noctua has created a low-pressure area behind the opening of their fan funnels, which creates a suction effect which pulls air from behind the unit and forces it towards the user. 

This desk fan is more than just a 120mm spinning blade that forces air towards the towards a user; this is some heavy duty Noctua engineering. Yes, the unit itself is kinda silly, but Noctua has more than proven their engineering prowess with this one. 

Noctua go all black for Computex 2018