Phononic Hex 2.0 Peltier CPU Heatsink Review

Phononic Hex 2.0 Review


As Monty Python once said, “And now for something completely different”.  Why so?  Well the Hex 2.0 from North Carolina Based Phononic is a cooler of the type we’ve never tested before.  Although it might look like a standard CPU tower cooler, it is in fact so much more than that.  In simple terms it’s a device which utilises the Peltier effect to cause a heat flux between the union of two differing materials.  The effect creates a temperature difference by transferring heat between two electrical junctions.  When a current is applied between the two conductors, heat is removed at one junctions and thus cooling occurs. The device is often referred to as a Thermoelectric cooler (TEC), and is also known as a Thermoelectric pump or Peltier device.  At just 125mm tall it’s also petite enough to fit into a good many Small Form Factor cases.  So is this the answer to extreme cooling in small spaces?  Best you read on and find out.

Technical Specification

Dimensions 125x112x95mm (HxWxD)
Weight 810g
Intel 2011 (incl v3) 115x
AMD AM2/+, AM3/+
Fan 92mm
Fan Speed 2650rpm
Airflow 44CFM
Static Pressure 3.1mmH2O
Noise 33dB(A)
Power 6pin Aux graphics cable
USB Enables Hex 2.0 dashboard


Key Features

Small Form Factor

High Performance Integrated and Swappable 92mm Fan

Supports TDP Power for Over Clocking Beyond 140W

Low Noise Design (33 dBA @ max speed)

Active/Passive Cooling (Using Phononic’s Thermoelectric Technology)

Integrated Electronic Control Applies Active Cooling only When Needed

Optional Application Software and User Interface Allows User to Adjust Performance Characteristics