AMD A10-6800K Richland Overclocked Review

AMD A10-6800K Richland Overclocked Review


Futuremark’s PCMark benchmarks are great for testing the overall performance of a system. Tests include processor performance, web browsing, spreadsheets and image manipulation to name a few, and the results should indicate how well the processors are affecting the overall system.

PCMark 8

A brand new addition to our test lineup, PCMark 8 promises to be the best yet. We implement three of its five tests to show what difference the overclocking can do for overall system performance. 
We can see that the overclocked chipped triumphs over its stock self with the Home and Creative tests but falls behind a little with the Work one. This strange result may be a lack of Richland support within the processor as there’s not really a reason for the overclocked system not to win outright when set against the stock 6800K.


PCMark Vantage

Vantage, a firm favourite for overall system performance, shows the overclocked system taking the crown as it gets top score in every section.


PCMark 7

Whereas the 6800K was neck and neck with the i3 before we can now see it pulling ahead from the others. Our 500MHz overclock yields an 8.5% increase in performance over the stock settings.