AMD A10-6800K Richland Overclocked Review

AMD A10-6800K Richland Overclocked Review

Media Transcoding Using Handbrake

A common task for media PCs to undertake is the transcoding of various video files, whether to change the format to one more desirable or as a means of compression. For our tests we have employed the popular software known as Handbrake to transcode three separate files. As this is a CPU heavy task we should see a slight increase in how fast our system is able to complete its tasks.

The small file comes in at just under 100MB and is 1080p. This test is to show how the CPUs will deal with small video clips that can be taken by most modern smart phones.
The larger files come in two distinct flavours – a 2GB standard definition video to demonstrate how non-HD footage is processed, and a 1080p MKV file weighing in at almost 5GB.

Together we feel we have covered the most common usage scenarios.

The overclocked 6800K comes out triumphant in all three tests, though it was expected. The stock 6800K won out last time, so if the faster processor on test today didn’t pull out a lead there’d be something wrong for sure!

Small File


Large Files