AMD Athlon 860K Black Edition CPU Review

AMD Athlon 860K Review  


When it comes to PC parts everybody loves a good budget performer. While it is nice to see the latest and most powerful technology strut its stuff, most of us can only afford something mid or low-end. 

We recently have seen a great Integrated GPU performance from AMD’s Kaveri APUs, but now that AMD has released a budget Quad core on the FM2+ platform and costs only £65, could we get better performance from thins plus a dedicated GPU for the price? 


Technical Specification

Simply put this is a A10-7850K without the integrated GPU, it has the same 4 Steamroller cores, 4MB of L2 cache, unlocked multiplier and TDP.

Compared to it’s popular Richland counterpart, the Athlon 760K, the 860K features the updated Steamroller core architecture, clock speeds lowered by 100MHz and a decrease in TDP of 95W. The 760K was a very popular CPU for budget gaming PCs over the last year, so lets hope the 860K can give gamers a new budget CPU option to combat the budget performance provided by Intel’s Pentium K. 


CPU Model Athlon x4 860K Athlon x4 760K
CPU Cores 4x Steamroller Cores  4x Richland Cores
CPU Clock Speed 4.0/3.7 4.1/3.8
TDP 95W 100W
Total L2 Cache 4MB 4MB
DDR3 Speed 1866MHz 1866MHz