ASUS Sabertooth P67A B3 Review

ASUS Sabertooth P67A B3 Motherboard Overclock Review

CineBench R11.5

In CineBench testing the Sabertooth is identical to the Maximus IV in the CPU test and just a shade behind when it comes to the OpenGL testing. Of course the OpenGL test also takes into account drivers and as the GTX570 is running on updated drivers it might be due to that. Either way it’s as close as makes no difference.

PC Mark Vantage

Finally PC Mark from Futuremark replicates daily usage without needing to sit for hours loading webpages and the like and the ASUS P67 Sabertooth once again makes a mockery of its place in the pricing tier by being only a couple of hundred points off of the vastly more expensive offerings it’s competing against in our graph.