DFI X48 UT-T3RS Motherboard

Packaging & Contents
From the outset it was clear that we were not dealing with any ordinary DFI product. Gone are the cartoon figures of some LAN geek, replaced with a very swish white & gold package. The font is worth mentioning as at first glance it is hard to decipher, my son actually thought it was box for a Digimon, such is the similarity. Dominating the front is the Thermalright ‘Flame’ in reference to the included Flame Freezer. The rear of the box goes into detail of what the board has to offer.  I must say it’s a very striking package and of much better quality than the DFI’s of yesteryear.
DFI X48-T3RS box front DFI X48-T3RS Box back
DFI X48-T3RS Box Side DFI X48-T3RS Bubble box
Opening the box we find that the motherboard is encased in a plastic sheet serving to protect the motherboard as well as prevent any static shock. I must say I was very impressed with the packaging which was very solid and should prevent any damage during transit. Doing the ‘shake test’, nothing inside the box was moving which is testament to the packing methods used. The accessories are also very well packaged having their own separate compartment rather than been thrown into the box as an afterthought. Careful consideration has been taken here and DFI deserve a commendation.
 DFI X48-T3RS Accessory box DFI X48-T3RS Accessories
DFI X48-T3RS Backplate DFI X48-T3RS Flame Freezer
The accessories themselves are of the usual DFI standard. UV rounded cables for both Floppy and IDE are present along with UV SATA cables as per the norm for the Lanparty series. Also included is a fitment kit for the Flame Freezer, a Crossfire ribbon and the Bernstein Audio ribbon. A quick installation manual for the mainboard as well as a separate instruction leaflet for the installation of the Flame Freezer are there along with the usual multi-language motherboard manual. A nice addition is the inclusion of paste and spreader for the mounting of the Northbridge. Perhaps the strangest accessory is the I/O backplate. It is a very heavyweight affair to aid the support of the Flame Freezer itself.
DFI X48-T3RS Bernstein DFI X48-T3RS Bernstein module
Audio is provided by the Bernstein audio module which is highly regarded throughout the industry. It is attached to the motherboard via a supplied ribbon cable which is a great idea as this means that a PCI slot is not taken up by the use of an optional card. I have used this card before so I am quite conversant with its capabilities and while it is not exactly up there with the X-FI’s and Xonar’s of this world it is perfectly adequate and a definite improvement over tradition on board solutions. I appreciate that audio quality is a very subjective thing but only the most perfectionist of audiophiles would be disappointed with the module considering its basic functionality.
So a well featured and packaged product thus far. With a price tag at the thick end of £200 it should be well spec’d I hear you say but DFI have gone that little bit further to distinguish its product from others on the interweb’s store shelves. DFI should rest easy in the knowledge that they have achieved just that with a premium and polished presentation.
Lets take a closer look at the motherboard itself…