Foxconn DigitaLife ELA P45 Motherboard

Packaging and Contents
The Foxconn ELA packaging features an orange and black themed box (orange on the front and rear, and black on the sides), that features an image of a cartoonish-like character sticking out of a monitor with speakers behind him. It’s an interesting interpretation of multimedia, but hey, who am I to argue when it comes to art. The front cover also features logo’s illustrating that this is in fact an Intel based motherboard that supports Core 2 and the latest 45nm processors; ATI’s CrossfireX, and is Windows Vista certified.
On the rear of the box, Foxconn highlights some of the features of the Foxconn ELA and they are: 8-phase Digital PWM; CrossFireX support; Dual Digitasl Audio, DTS CONNECT and Dolby Digital Live. Around the sides of the motherboard are copies of the main one on the front of the box, as well as the motherboard’s specifications.
Foxconn ELA packaging _front Foxconn ELA packaging_rear
Like ASUS’ Republic Of Gamers (ROG) motherboard packaging, Foxconn has a similar style of packaging that includes a secondary lid that provides additional information on the product. On the bottom Foxconn has included an image of the Foxconn ELA again highlighting additional features of the motherboard, and on the top flap there is further details on the prominent technology contained within the board.
One thing that I found particularly interesting about the DigitLife packaging is that it is a completely different theme for the Foxconn A79A-S and the Foxconn ELA. I would have thought that the logo’s and the name on the front of the box would be enough to differentiate between the two platforms.
Foxconn ELA insert lid_1 Foxconn ELA insert lid_2
Opening up the lid of the main box, there is a secondary double-walled cardboard box contained within. Inside the secondary box are two further boxes – one containing the Foxconn ELA motherboard in anti-static packaging, and the other holds the accessories. This multi-layered packaging should be more than enough to thwart dodgey couriers, and should keep everything in perfect condition during shipping.
Foxconn ELA insert boxes
Contained within the accessories box are the following:
* Quick Install guide
* Support CD
* User Manual
* 4x SATA cables with straight plugs
* 4x 4-pin molex to SATA power cables
* 1x IDE ribbon cable
* 1x Floppy drive ribbon cable
* 1x OEM I/O plate
* 1x 2-port USB 2.0/1394 extension cable
* Intel RAID driver floppy disk.
Foxconn ELA quick install guide_support CD and manual Foxconn ELA cables_I/O plate and RAID setup disk
Once again, I’m feeling disappointed by the bundle – it is an OEM offering and nothing more. Even the additional software on the support CD isn’t anything really to rave about…Norton Internet Security FTL!
Let’s head over the page to see the Foxconn ELA motherboard itself in a lot more detail…