Intel 14th Gen Processors Review

Up Close

Intel 14th Gen CPU Review

Up Close with Intel 14th Gen

Like storage drives, processors are never the most interestingly packaged items in the world. We get the benefit of having ours arrive in a special box, courtesy of Intel, so it looks a little bit glitzier than usual.

Intel 14th Gen CPU Box

Lifting the lid reveals the processors in the packaging you’ll receive when you buy retail models. Thankfully Intel have dispensed with the idea of providing a CPU cooler in the box. We don’t think anyone ever used them anyway. We’d certainly not trust our new, expensive, purchase to a cooler designed down to a price point.

Intel 14th Gen Contents

As we say, processors aren’t the most photogenic things on earth, but here is the Intel Core i5-14600K…

Core i5-14600K

and the flagship 32 thread Core i9-14900K.

Core i9-14900K

Here they are together. Our Core i7-14700K is feeling a little camera shy.

Both 14th Gen CPUs together

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