Intel 14th Gen Processors Review

What’s New?

Intel 14th Gen CPU Review

What’s New with Intel 14th Gen?

Although we’ve gone over the key points in our introduction, we know that some of you like to peer at a good slide. The key points of the Intel 14th Gen :


Connectivity is such a key element of modern processors. We started off back in the days when almost none of this was built into the processor, and not all of it into the chipset, but gradually hardware has been consolidated so you’re getting all the benefits just by upgrading your CPU. The 14th Gen aren’t short of high speed elements.

Intel 14th Gen Features

The need for ever faster networking and connectivity sees the introduction of Wi-Fi 7 and Bluetooth 5.4 support into the updated Z790 motherboards, as well as support for both the current fastest Thunderbolt 4, and future Thunderbolt 5 technologies.

Connectivity Options

There is a new overclocking tool available for those of you who like to have full control over your efforts to hit new heights. Given how warm these processors are at stock we certainly would recommend paying close attention to your voltages in particular.

Overclocking Options

Should you rather hand a little bit of freedom to an AI to explore overclocking your premium Core i9-14900K then the Intel Extreme Tuning Utility comes with an AI assistant. Hopefully it’s better than the old automatic way of just adding tons of volts and hoping everything will be okay.

AI Overclocking

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