MSI Big Bang Marshal P67 Review

MSI P67rB3 Big Bang Marshal Review

PC Mark Vantage

Futuremark’s excellent PC Mark benchmarking suite, here in 64-bit guise, tests every aspect of your system to ensure that all of your daily tasks can be performed as efficiently as possible. For the purposes of brevity although we run every test we don’t graph them all. The Big Bang Marshal definitely wont be found wanting no matter what you decide to throw at it, with great scores in both stock and overclocked tests.



Lastly before we move to the 3D Mark testing, Maxon’s CineBench R11.5. Rendering always pushes a processor to its limit and it’s ably testing by one of the industry standards. At stock it’s pretty middling to be honest, not quite as good here as our reference board. Once overclocked though we get the highest CPU score we’ve seen with our Core i5-2500K.