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If you’re a regular reader of our monitor reviews here at OC3D, you’ll be aware that we think 1440P is the sweet spot. You need so much hardware to really make the most of 4K that it’s only for the committed enthusiast. 1080P is fine too, it’s the most popular resolution for a reason, but it is very limiting to your browser or any image editing. 2560 x 1440 blends enough pixels to give you lots of room creatively, as well as crispy visuals in you games, but without bringing all but the strongest graphics cards to their knees.

Certainly in resolution terms then the ASUS ROG XG27ACS is the best blend of high image quality and usability for the broadest range of gamers. By utilising a high-speed IPS panel with 1ms GtG and 180Hz they also offer you a panel which can make the most of the hardware you have available. Okay there are few setups likely to grab 180 FPS in Cyberpunk 2077 or Cities: Skylines II, but for games where high FPS is a boon – Fortnite, Counter Strike etc – they’re also easy enough graphically that 180 is not that hard to attain. Competitive games can absolutely give you a skill edge with higher frame rates, and the XG27ACS can bring all of those frames to your eyes with the 180 Hz panel. When you do drop off, G-Sync and Freesync are there to keep things solid and free from tearing and ghosting.

Gamer Focused

ASUS help those of you who take your gaming seriously with the inclusion of a few onscreen options too. You have a dynamic crosshair which has three different shapes and automatically adjusts to remain visible against any background. Shadow Boost helps you see people hiding in the dark corners. It’s worth mentioning that whilst the ASUS XG27ACS supports HDR400, the brightness level beyond regular SDR is typical of monitors at this price point and not a total game changer. So that Shadow Boost can be useful. Lastly, and perhaps most usefully, are two types of timers. A stopwatch, and a countdown timer. If you rely heavily on your skills and their cooldown then knowing exactly when you’re free to fire them off again can make a huge difference in your success rate.

The inclusion of a fully adjustable stand ensures you have the most comfortable posture too. Get your monitor in the right place and those short sessions can become marathon ones without the subsequent back-ache. The slot for your phone might seem like a small thing but it’s brilliant if you like a walkthrough up, have a game with a second screen, or just use your phone to monitor chat whilst streaming. Lastly those of you who do stream a lot will enjoy the built in thread that lets you mount ring-lights or cameras to the XG27ACS with the minimum of fuss.

With a quality screen in the resolution sweet spot allied to some gamer focused elements and a very attractive price point, the ASUS ROG XG27ACS wins our OC3D Gamers Choice Award.

Scan £328.99
Overclockers UK £328.99

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