ASUS ROG XG27ACS Monitor Review

Introduction and Technical Specifications



Choices of monitor usually fall into three distinct camps. You have productivity ones, aimed squarely at colour accuracy. We last saw this with the ASUS ProArt range. Gaming monitors, which are all about responsiveness. Finally, the ones that straddle both camps. Or at least are intended to do so. The newest addition to the ASUS range, the XG27ACS, falls squarely into the second camp. It’s a gaming focused panel.

Just because it’s main aim is to give you gaming, doesn’t mean other elements have been sacrificed though. Rather than the popular VA panels, which are affordable first and foremost, the ASUS XG27ACS has a fast IPS panel. Lots of wide viewing angles, and good colour accuracy. By being the fast IPS type it also boasts 1ms grey-to-grey. Where the headlines will be written is the 1440P @ 180Hz part though. 180Hz! If you play games with gentle system requirements, and have a beefy GPU, you’ll be able to enjoy every one of those frames.

What really sets the ASUS XG27ACS apart is the stand. As well as all the adjustments you would normally expect to find on a high quality product, ASUS also offer up some streamer friendly things. What exactly are those? Read On.

Should you already want to get on board before they all vanish, you can pre-order from :

Scan £328.99
Overclockers UK £328.99

Technical Specifications

XG27ACS Specifications

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