Asus 9800 GTX 512MB EN9800GTX

Call of Duty 4

Call of Duty 4 is a stunning DirectX 9.0c based game that really looks awesome and has a very full feature set. With lots of advanced lighting, smoke and water effects, the game has excellent explosions and is fast and furious, perfect for our test suite.

cod 4
Call of Duty 4 shows us that the 9800 GTX seems to do a much better job at keeping the minimum frame rate smooth.

F.E.A.R. is a game based on the Lithtech Jupiter EX engine. It has volumetric lighting, soft shadows, parallax mapping and particle effects. F.E.A.R. is a little older game so the 9800 GTX should handle this well and look fantastic.

Some very odd behaviour in F.E.A.R. showed the 9800 GTX to have a smooth playable frame rate of between 23 and 31 FPS, but it did not go above this. I am putting this down to a driver bug I experienced as gameplay was as gorgeous and smooth as it should be.

Bioshock is a game based on the Unreal Engine 3. It uses some DirectX10 features such as awesome water and smoke effects. The detail level in the game, combined with a frantic pace makes for an excellent benchmark. I’ve found Bioshock behaves strangely sometimes in benchmarks so it will be interesting to see how it does here.

Bioshock shows that again the 9800 GTX doesn’t give huge max frames per second, but does give a more stable framerate all over, rather than the erratic performance some of the cards tested gave.