Asus 9800 GTX 512MB EN9800GTX


Overclocking was performed using Nvidia’s drivers and the nTune plugin. No hard or soft mods were performed on the cards and overclocking in this way is meant to represent an “easy overclock”, giving value for money on each card without making too much effort.

The Asus 9800 GTX achieved a nice overclock of 783/1208, with a fantastic memory overclock of 108MHz. The GPU felt like it had a bit more headroom but it was very hot in the bench room and I think heat was holding it back.
A decent increase in performance was given when we overclocked the 9800 GTX. I did notice that overclocking the memory gave a significant points bump over just overclocking the GPU core itself.
The 9800 GTX definitely represents a value for money in the overclocking department and I was a little disappointed I couldn’t have more time with the card to play some more and perhaps get some serious cooling on it!