Asus 9800 GTX 512MB EN9800GTX

Unreal Tournament 3

I have included UT3, even though it is another UE3 game as it is a fast, frantic and furious multi player mash-up experience. Using advanced DirectX 9.0c features, the Unreal Engine looks fantastic and runs on almost all half-decent modern GPU’s making it an ideal all-round test.

Again UT3 showed the 9800 GTX top the graph for smoothness and had the smallest high to low FPS range of the cards. UT3 isn’t ridiculously demanding of the graphics cards but the 9800 GTX produced a smooth performance.

Crysis has to be our most challenging benchmark to date. Running under Windows Vista and using DirectX 10 path, the single GPU cards are running at 1680 x 1050 with “High” set in-game. The multi GPU setups are all set at 1920 x 1200, on both “high” and “Very High” in game.

Crysis seems to be “the one” people turn to when looking at the new card. The stunning graphics (set on the 9800 GTX to “High”) simply blow you away.
Again here with Crysis we see the trend continue. Whilst the 9800 GTX didn’t put out the highest numbers, the performance overall was far smoother than any of its single GPU brethren and the game did feel a lot smoother to play.