Asus 9800 GTX 512MB EN9800GTX


Oblivion is a game that really taxed all of the cards at the time of its release. Well over a year on and the current generation of cards simply fly through it. However, with advanced HDR, excellent draw distances, detailed grass and scenery as well as fantastic water/magic effects it’s a good game to gauge performance for those who love RPG’s.

Oblivion showed more of the same from the 9800 GTX. The overall feel of the game was very smooth, but the FPS didn’t get the real high numbers other cards did.
Company of Heroes

Company of Heroes is a WWII-based RTS game that has an enormous amount of world detail. I played a DirectX 10 patched version of the game that gives modern GPU’s a bit of a workout.

Company of Heroes proved that the 9800 GTX can really cope with DX10 content, producing some very nice numbers rivalling the multi GPU setups.