Gainward Bliss 7900 GTX SLI


Gainward are well known for making nVidia cards and for making them well. After reviewing a single 7900GTX I wanted to see what they could do in SLI configuration, and whether SLI has matured into a platform that really is worth shouting about.

nVidia have worked hard at making SLI something that its customers and major AIB’s really want to push…but do you really get enough performance out of the two cards to make it worth the extra cost? Read on…


Gainward used the same packing as seen in their 7900GT 512mb (reviewed here). This features their new branding with a female CGI character and a car. Aside from the branding, Gainward include some good product information and list of features as well as box contents.

gainward 7900gtx sli
I would prefer to have a view of the actual card (something like a window) but I suppose this brings the cost up.

gainward 7900GTX sli

Inside is extremely well wrapped up and protected and I would say that there is no way that this expensive card will get damaged in transit
gainward7900gtx sli
and all wrapped up sinside the boxes too…
gainward 7900gtx sli
There was no way that these cards were going to be harmed and even the most careless of retailers cannot do damage to them.