Gainward Bliss 7900 GTX SLI

Image Quality

I have to put in a note to do with image quality in this review. nVidia have had an issue for quite some time now with shimmering textures in games. This is due to poor implementation of anisotropic filtering by nVidia. On all of the game tests I performed I used the high Quality settings as well as Super Sampling on Transparency Aliasing. This much improves the image quality of the cards and does go some way to solve the shimmering textures issue. However: ATI cards do have the slight edge on image quality and this is worth taking into consideration when looking at top-end cards.


I am a big fan of the high-end cards from nVidia and these Gainward 7900GTX are very impressive. With a cooling solution that performs very well and is almost silent this could be part of the ultimate Gaming machine or even an HTPC or Media PC.

Gainward have put in an impressive bundle with these cards and there is nothing lacking with the hardware bundle at all. I am very impressed with this very top-end card setup and am now seriously considering SLI in my own gaming rig.

I have to take into consideration the price of this setup, however. With spending an extra £311(from SCAN on Today Only) on the cards this is a very expensive gaming system.

Is it worth it?

If you want the very fastest gaming system then yes.

If you are on a budget then no.

It is worth considering the 7950GX2 when thinking about buying this setup but if you already have a 7900GTX then you cannot go wrong. SLI doesn’t quite give an extra 100% performance per card but it gives enough of a boost to definitely be worth it.

I will however ask that our readers take a look at our article on DX10 when considering buying any graphics cards.

I have to give this the Gamers Choice and Editors Choice Award as the fastest setup I have tested so far.

gainward 7900gtx sli


+ Very Fast
+ Awesome FPS
+ Very quiet


– Expensive
-Approach of DX10

Our thanks to Gainward for providing the cards for review.

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