Gainward Bliss 7900 GTX SLI


As stated before all of the overclocking was done inside coolbits for the nvidia cards. For the XTX I used the ATI overdrive overclocking facility. Please note that all overclocks were done with stock voltages and were what I call “Quick overclocks”. That is: I overclocked, ascertained stability, then benchmarked. Any unstable overclocks will be talked about below.

The Results

As this is an SLI review I overclocked the cards when in SLI mode. This would not lead to the best overclocking results, and as such you should take this with a pinch of salt.

gawainrd 7900gtx sli OC
The memory overlocked to an amazing 890 (1780). This is far far above stock and is very impressive. I attained a decent OC of 675 on the core but I suspect that this is due to the SLI configuration. The cards on their own individually are highly overclockable and I have to give Gainward a big thumbs up for producing such clockable cards.

Overclocked 3DMark06 Score

gainward 7900gtx sli 3dmark06 oc'd
The score is an improvement of 243 over stock and is pretty impressive. I think the way to realy get the best out of these cards would be to find the maximum overclock in non-SLI mode, then alter both card BIOS’s so that they run at that at stock.

All in all an impressive overclocking performance for two cards in SLI – not that they need to be overclocked: but it’s always nice you can do so.