Gainward Bliss 7900 GTX SLI


I used the popular gaming benchmarks made by Futuremark to bench all four of the cards. I used 3dMark 03, 05 and 06. All benches were performed at stock speeds for this section. I ran all benchmarks from the stock settings just like the free versions to give you a good comparison of scores.

The Results were as follows:

3dMark 03

First we start with 3dMark03. This is a benchmark that relies heavily on DirectX 8 features. This will give an indication of how the cards will run on games that rely on DX 8. None of the cards in the review had any problems running this benchmark.

gainward 7900gtx sli
As you can see the SLI setup really kicks in these benchmarks. SLI has broken a lot of records and benchmarks love SLI.


I ran 3dMark05. This benchmark requires some more features of directX 9 and gets slightly more taxing on the cards.

gainward 7900gtx sli
Although the SLI setup didn’t make quite the difference as it did in 03, this certainly is a lot higher in 3DMark05.


3dMark06 is the latest in the benchmarking tests from Futuremark. It has a lot of DirectX 9.0c features such as HDR and use of Shader model 3.0. This benchmark is very taxing for the cards and also includes quite a harsh CPU benchmark. Seeing as this was run with the exact same CPU this was not an issue.

gainward 7900gtx sli
A very nice 3DMark06 Score to finish off the run of our benchmarking tests. On water, LN² or phase SLI would be one hell of a benchmarking setup!

I haven’t analysed these results as much as usual as I feel that SLI is really on another level when it comes to benchmarking. Very nice.