HIS HD6990 Eyefinity 5760×1080 Review

HIS HD6990 Eyefinity Review

Resident Evil 5

Despite Resident Evil 5 being a console port, it’s a Capcom game and so quality is the very highest, as every Capcom PC game has been in recent years. The HD6990 is definitely up to the task, giving insane frame-rates on a single screen and nearly 100 FPS even in when put into Eyefinity mode across the three Iiyamas.

Fraps decided not to play ball with Resident Evil, giving a multi-coloured mess rather than a proper screenshot. However it scaled nicely across the three displays in both DX9 and DX10 modes.


HIS HD6990 Eyefinity Review



Switching to DirectX 10 has no really detriment to the smoothness of the game, merely makes it look that bit nicer.