HIS HD6990 Eyefinity 5760×1080 Review

HIS HD6990 Eyefinity Review

S.T.A.L.K.E.R Call of Pripyat

There are an incredible amount of settings within Stalker, so rather than fill multiple pages up showing them all, this is the important one. On the other screens all the boxes are ticked and the SSAO is as high as it goes.

It unquestionably adds a lot to the gaming experience to have so much peripheral vision and Stalker handles it with aplomb.

The HIS HD6990 takes a huge performance hit running at such a high level of detail, but still remains perfectly playable. This is a great example of why we wanted an Eyefinity setup for testing, as 132FPS average on a single screen doesn’t really teach us anything.


HIS HD6990 Eyefinity Review

In Game Shot

HIS HD6990 Eyefinity Review