HIS HD6990 Eyefinity 5760×1080 Review

HIS HD6990 Eyefinity Review

Crysis Warhead

The earlier game in the Crytek triplet is the first of our games designed for PCs and unsurprisingly the first game that starts to push the HIS Hd6990 hard. The only difference between the single screen settings and the Eyefinity setup is that in Eyefinity we’ve had to turn the AA off to retain a playable frame-rate. Still 30 FPS in 5760×1080 can’t be sniffed at.

The only odd thing Eyefinity introduces is that the camera appears to be almost a fish-eye lens, with the two side screens giving a very wide-angle look to the scenery. People can appear to be right next to you and yet they’re not that close.


HIS HD6990 Eyefinity Review

In Game Shot

HIS HD6990 Eyefinity Review