iiyama Prolite E2403WS 24″ TFT

Packaging & Appearance
It’s a well known fact that couriers like to play football with whatever they happen to have in the back of their delivery vans. For this reason, heavy yet fragile items such as TFT’s need to be adequately protected against knocks, bumps and the occasional  flattening by a 2 tonne Transit van. As we can see from the images below, the iiyama E2403WS is protected by a double-walled cardboard box, complete with a moulded polystyrine inner shell that provides the TFT with a reasonable degree of protection on all sides.
iiyama Prolite 2403WS Box iiyama Prolite 2403WS Box Open
iiyama Prolite 2403WS Contents iiyama Prolite 2403WS Cables
Contained within the box are all the basic cables to get you up and running along with an instruction manual and of course, the base. No driver disks are included, but unless you’re unlucky enough to be running anything prior to Windows XP, your OS shouldn’t have any problems using the screen to its full advantage. Pictured above-right are the three cables included in the box. From left to right these are: Speaker cable (3.5mm jack), D-Sub to D-Sub cable (regular VGA) and DVI to HDMI (for HD quality).
iiyama Prolite E2403WS Front iiyama E2403WS Buttons
iiyama E2403WS Bezel iiyama E2403WS Speaker
Constructed entirely from black plastic with a 20mm bezel around the top and sides of the screen, it has to be said that the iiyama E2403WS looks rather bland and doesn’t really do much to seperate itself from most of the no-name brands on the market at the moment. Even just a hint of aluminium, some silver details or a proper badge could have spiced things up a bit, but in comparison to the likes of Dell, ASUS and Samsung the iiyama pretty much sent us to sleep.
iiyama Prolite 2403WS Headphone iiyama Prolite E2403WS Rear
iiyama Prolite E2403WS Power iiyama Prolite E2403WS Ports
Connectivity options are fairly standard for a TFT in the £250 price range, with VGA ,HDMI and Stereo jack being provided at the rear of the screen. As mentioned earlier in the review, the E2403WS has two speakers mounted just below the console at the front of the screen. Rated at 2w each, don’t expect these to do much more than play basic Windows sounds.
Now that we’ve got to know the screen, let’s see what she’s like fired up!