Corsair Scimitar RGB MOBA/MMO Gaming Mouse Review

Corsair Scimitar RGB MMO Gaming Mouse Review


There is an expression in England that something is “a Marmite x”. Namely that, like the aforementioned foul death paste some people absolutely love it, some hate it, and there is almost nobody who is entirely indifferent. MOBA/MMO mice fall into this category. If you don’t play these games regularly to a high level then it’s easy to look at them and wonder exactly why you need a dozen buttons when you have a keyboard to hand. However, if you enjoy little more than taking your hero and smiting the opposition then having so many things under your fingertips, or in this case thumb, is a positive boon.

We make no secret of the fact that our own personal gaming preference is something which is sated by the regular button layout on mice, but nonetheless we can appreciate the benefits a mouse such as this bring to the table.

The most important/difficult element to get right when there are so many keys available is having them exactly where you want them regardless of how big your hands are, as well as being easily recognisable just through feel. Our subconscious is excellent at handling textural things and leaving our conscious minds free to focus upon the task at hand, and the Corsair solution is genius in its simplicity. Rather than have a nodule to remind you where you are like you find on the F, J and NUM5 keys of your keyboard, the keys on the side of the Scimitar RGB alternate textures in rows. The effect is subtle enough that it doesn’t distract you yet obvious enough that even when you’re almost overwhelmed with tasks you can still hit the key you wish with amazing regularity.

Aiding this is the design of the Scimitar. The mouse is sculpted enough to fit comfortable in your hand regardless of size, with plenty of grip available to keep it under control. Once you’re comfortable the pièce de résistance is the ability to slide the keys longitudinally to ensure that they fit directly under your thumb. This reduces fatigue from long gaming sessions and allows you some freedom in which key you’d prefer to have as the “home key” your thumb defaults to. We found it was most comfortable to get your thumb resting on the 5 or the 8, as our thumb joints are better at moving forward than back and it ensures you don’t suffer from RSI.

Beyond the MOBA/MMO elements of the Scimitar RGB it’s otherwise a very capable mouse. It’s comfortable to use, feels lovely in the hand, there is plenty of cable and the scroll wheel is a particular delight being well-weighted and smooth enough to get you where you want to be every time. The sensor is ludicrously twitchy at the higher ends of the scale as you would expect from one that boast a maximum of 12000DPI. At more human ends of the DPI range it’s smooth and accurate, everything you desire it to be in the pixel perfect heat of battle.

Designing a mouse that supports so many buttons but makes each of them something you can hit consistently is a tricky problem and Corsair have solved it with an inventive mixture of horizontal adjustments and multiple textures. Add to the mixture a comfortable design, gorgeously tactile buttons and a sensor that goes beyond what most of us could extract the maximum potential from and you end up with a weapon that can really make the difference to your gaming.

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