xTool P2 CO2 Laser Cutter Review

Creations – Part 1

Having fun with the XTool P2

Lt’s start off with some simple projects. Earlier in this review we talked about engraving pencils, and below you can see the results. That’s some pretty clear text. Perhaps I could up the laser power next time to give this text a darker appearance, but it looks great given the speed we went from pencils to engrave pencils.

Above you can also see some slate coasters that I have engraved using the xTool P2’s stock profiles. We used the xTool Creative Space’s AI tools to generate the dragon image, and used some online artwork to engrave the other coasters. These are great results from a xTool’s standard settings. Nice!

Next up I went a little nuts and built this custom paint stand for my collection of Citadel paint pots. What I used here was black coloured MDF and some clear acrylic. In total this custom stand can store 77 paint pots. Perhaps I should have made it even bigger, just incase I needed a few more colour options in the future.

Going form design files to finished parts was simple with the xTool P2. XCS’ stock acrylic profiles worked a treat, and I did not need to change the tool’s standard MDF profiles to cut my black MDF. Once the parts were finished, all I needed was some glue. Easy.

Making a new acrylic window for my Corsair 600T

Corsair’s 600T PC case is a classic, any mine is in some need of TLC. Using the xTool P2 I was able to quickly able to make a new acrylic window panel to replace the case’s original panel. Now I have a clean new side panel window, not an old scratched up one. Without looking inside the case you would never know that my new window panel isn’t original.

Can you etch tempered glass?

Yes, yes you can. What I have here is an etched side panel for the custom Darth Vader PC case that we made in 2022. First we etched our design on some tempered glass chopping boards and once we were happy with our settings, we moved to our PC case window. Below you can see the results. Now that’s a crisp=looking tie fighter.

Since this tempered glass window is tinted, we needed to backlight the glass to get our tie fighter to show on camera. Install this window on a case with enough internal lighting, and we have a great-looking Star Wars themed system.

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