xTool P2 CO2 Laser Cutter Review

Upgrade Options

xTool P2 upgrade options

The xTool P2 is a great machine out of the box. None of these upgrades are necessary to have a great laser cutting experience, but they can take your laser cutting to the next level.

xTool’s Honeycomb panel upgrade is a simple one. It replaces the slats that the P2 ships with with a mesh panel. This can be handy when lasering certain materials, though it is arguably the least impactful upgrade option. Honestly, this is mostly a personal preference option for those who dislike the xTool P2’s slatted bed.

The P2 riser base is the most impactful upgrade that the P2 has. It is a required upgrade for the conveyor feeder and the RA2 Pro rotating tool. The riser base allows P2 users to work with thicker materials and objects. It also creates the internal space required for the previously mentioned upgrades. It also adds a handy storage compartment for your xTool accessories. It’s always handy to keep those close.

The conveyor feeder allows P2 users to work with longer sheets of material, and the RA2 Pro allows users to etch cylindrical or spherical objects. Both give P2 users more options, allowing them to work on more projects.

Lastly, we have the smoke purifier and the fire safety set. Both are expensive add-ons, but both are arguably necessary if you want to use this laser in the safest way possible. While exhausting fumes outside is always an option, cleaning that air first is the best option if you car about local air quality and don’t want to annoy your neighbours.

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