Starfield Beta Patch Tested – Boosted Performance, even without DLSS

Conclusion – Boosted FPS for all PC gamers

Starfield now runs better on PC, and Nvidia fans should be happy with this game’s DLSS support

Overall, we are very pleased with Starfield’s new beta update. The addition of DLSS should come as great news for anyone with Nvidia GeForce RTX hardware. That said, we are more excited about the game’s more general performance optimisations. Starfield now runs much smoother on PC, and I hope that this update can exit beta soon so that all gamers can enjoy it.

One issue that we found with this beta is that DLSS options do not display correctly after exiting and re-entering Starfield’s graphical options menu. After setting DLSS to one mode, it can say it is in another when you enter the game’s graphics menu again. This is an annoying bug, but not exactly a game-breaking one.

Both DLSS Super Resolution and DLSS Frame Generation work as intended in Starfield. Starfield is a demanding PC game, so the addition of Nvidia’s performance boosting DLSS Super Resolution tech, and Nvidia’s framerate smoothing DLSS Frame Generation technology are great additions. Nvidia Reflex also works as intended and makes Starfield’s controls feel a lot more responsive.

Own Starfield on Steam? You should probably download this update

If you are playing Starfield on Steam, the game’s new beta PC update is well worth trying out. Even if you do not own an Nvidia RTX graphics card, this update should boost your in-game framerate and give you a smoother overall experience. If you do own an Nvidia GPU, DLSS should provide you better upscaling results than FSR, and a new option to utilise with DLSS Frame Generation.

Bethesda has confirmed that PC gamers can expect to see more performance and upscaling focused updates for Starfield in the future. The company has confirmed that FSR 3 Frame Generation support is planned, and that a lot of other changes are in the works.

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