3XS RTX Studio Pro System Review


3XS RTX Studio Pro Review


How on earth are we supposed to sum this up? It’s as near as makes no difference the best of everything. Not only are the component choices fantastic, flexing the Powered by ASUS muscles the ProArt range brings to the party, but it’s well built too. Yes the price is a bit of a sticking point for the average user, but this isn’t an average system. It isn’t even pretending to be. It’s a premium product to give people who create videos the best possible platform to make their workflow fly by.

It will absolutely do that. Just go back a page and look at how insanely fast this runs when you leverage your CUDA cores. Things which already seemed to take no time at all happen in a blink. If you’ve only ever experienced, for example, a Core i5-13600K that gets our 4K Blender render done in 14 minutes. By that score the 8 minutes of the Core i9-14900K seems blisteringly quick. If you spent all your money you might even have a Xeon W9 3475X which can get it done in 3 and a half minutes. The RTX 4090 takes 45 seconds. This setup is a weapon. A level of performance most of us only dream of.

If you enjoy gaming, or maybe even use your gaming exploits to provide the video that you then leverage into content, the combination of “the best of everything” we have here unsurprisingly gets the job done. Being able to turn everything up to maximum settings, at 4K, regardless of game, and still pump out a minimum of 120 FPS is almost a joke. It certainly makes us laugh, but with glee. Even running OBS or Nvidia Shadowplay in the background isn’t going to kill that frame rate. The 3XS team at Scan have created a monster. The RTX Studio Pro is everything to everybody.

About our only minor quibble is that we’d like to see a bigger, faster Gen5 drive for this price. Especially given how much room raw 4K video footage takes up.

Bonus Benefits

We mentioned it in our intro but it bears repeating at the end. Currently there is an offer wherein if you buy the 3XS RTX Studio Pro you can get £306 cashback, 3 months of Adobe Creative Cloud and a 5 year warranty.  Don’t forget that although we weren’t supplied with it for review, you also get a 34″ ProArt 120Hz UWQHD monitor with your purchase.

The combination of ASUS ProArt aesthetics and insane performance is more than enough to win the 3XS RTX Studio Pro our OC3D Enthusiast Award.

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