3XS RTX Studio Pro System Review

Up Close

3XS RTX Studio Pro Review

Up Close

We can never overstate the importance of getting all the extras in the box. If you want to upgrade down the road, getting brackets for your case or PSU cables is a near impossibility. Having it all on hand, with the manuals too, just allows you to relax in your futureproofed world. Or at least as futureproofed as realistically possible.

3XS RTX Studio Pro Accessories

The ProArt branding is strong on the PA602 case, and 3XS also fill every nook and cranny with bubble wrap. You get to enjoy the knowledge your system arrives in perfect condition, and also pop some ‘tension sheets’ whilst you wait for Windows 11 to finish it’s endless first-run nonsense.

3XS RTX Studio Pro Case

The primary element of the PA602 is airflow, and with such huge vents on the front – and fans we’ll see in a moment – that absolutely isn’t an issue.

3XS RTX Studio Pro Front

The whole case is festooned with vents. You don’t just need cool air coming in after all, you also need that worked, hot air to escape. The ProArt Z790-Creator motherboard lives up to its billing too by offering you plenty of USB options, all of them highspeed. Networking fans will be pleased that you get both a 2.5G LAN and a 10G one. If you’ve got a beefy home network or insane internet connection then the ProArt can maximise that speed.

3XS RTX Studio Pro Rear

Front panel connections are what stop us howling at the moon when we’re using those things we use often enough to plug in regularly, but not so often we can leave them plugged in. The ASUS ProArt PA602 case around which the 3XS RTX Studio Pro is based has two 2.0, two 3.0 and a USB Type-C connection for all your connection needs.

3XS RTX Studio Pro USB

Attention to Detail

We still love the clear top the Z790 ProArt has. It’s different, and when you’ve seen as many motherboards as we have then different is good. You get a good indication of the commitment to airflow within the 3XS RTX Studio Pro. Two huge front fans, an exhaust fan, and the three 140mm Noctua fans on the AIO.

3XS RTX Studio Pro Insides

Around the back you can see the attention to detail from the Scan 3XS System build team. Nobody will see this, but it’s still very carefully routed. You can also see there is plenty of room for expansion should you require it.



None of the fans are RGB. We’ll talk more about this on the next page. However you can see, again, the attention to detail put into the build. At this price we’d expect nothing less, but it’s still nice to see.

Intake fans

The ProArt LC 420mm AIO is enormous. The pump/CPU might not win any design awards with its utilitarian squareness. However, having so much of the roof of a gigantic case crammed full of radiator and fan is very attractive. There is no denying the Pro Studio is purposeful.

3XS RTX Studio Pro 420 AIO

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