ASUS ROG X Evangelion Project EVA-02

Evangelion Graphics Card and Stand

ROG x Evangelion OC3D Overview

ROG Strix RTX 4090 EVA-02

Even if you’ve only a passing acquaintance with the world of PC hardware, you’ll be aware of how good the Strix RTX 4090 is, which we discovered here. You won’t be at all surprised to know that ASUS have gone all-in on the EVA 02 theming here as well.

ROG x Evangelion RTX 4090 EVA 02 RTX 4090 EVA

It’s crazy how much difference some colour can make. Okay this is a RTX 4090 Strix so you’ll hardly be looking at your case rather than your monitor, such is its potency. However, when you do look, or grab a passer-by, it absolutely stands out amongst a world of near clones.

Evangelion Graphics Card

Just look at this backplate. A chill picture of Asuka Langley herself – note the green accents on her costume which also appear on the case – is accented by the dual-colour design of the ROG Eye logo. Gorgeous.

Asuka Langley Soryu

ROG Herculx EVA-02

We know that some people like a GPU stand in their case, and you can get one under the ROG x Evangelion project banner if you so choose.

ROG x Evangelion Herculx

Even here ASUS have ensured that they’ve made more than the minimum effort. It’s an attention to detail that, frankly, leaves us breathless. And slightly disappointed nobody – at all – makes such efforts on regular hardware.

EVA 02 GPU Stand Graphics card holder

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