ASUS ROG X Evangelion Project EVA-02

Keyboard and Mouse

ROG x Evangelion OC3D Overview

ROG Strix Scope RX EVA-02 Edition

Having such a heavily themed system is only half the equation though. Cue an EVA 02 desk pad, and input devices. First up, the Strix Scope EVA 02 edition.

ROG x Evangelion Strix Scope

Remember how we were saying about attention to detail? ASUS could be forgiven if they just went with a keycap set, but they’ve gone the whole hog. It’s not for the faint of heart, but we love the commitment.

Strix Scope EVA 02

It does make you wonder why so many keyboards are so bland when you can have one that looks this incredible. Or, *snicker*, inc-RED-ible.

Evangelion Keyboard

The chassis, and even the lock indicators, have got the full Evangelion treatment.

Asuka Langley Keyboard

Come the f on. Dual-colour feet. Remember when you paid £100+ for the regular ‘sombre black’? Why don’t we get one like this? Wow.

Themed Cabling

Even the key puller is matching to the rest of the theme. It’s stunning. We’re running out of superlatives.

ROG x Evangelion Keypuller

If you want different keycaps there are some alternatives available too.

Caps Set RX Switch Spare Keys

ROG Gladius III Wireless EVA-02

Just like the keyboard, the Gladius III mouse has also had the full EVA-02 treatment. We loved the regular model.

ROG x Evangelion Gladius

Similar to the keyboard this has a level of design detail that must have been a joy for their graphics team.

Gladius ROG Evangelion

It’s not just getting ‘yellow’ or ‘red’ in the colourway, but getting the right ones, consistently. Shame about the buttons and side panel not going for a full red plastic look.

Evangelion Mouse

“Why should I have to pilot this thing? Everyone else gets to live their lives while I’m stuck here fighting” – Asuka Langley.

ROG x Evangelion Gladius III Wireless Mouse

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