ASUS ROG X Evangelion Project EVA-02

ROG x Evangelion Hyperion Case and Thor PSU

ROG x Evangelion OC3D Overview

ROG x Evangelion Hyperion Case

If you’re a regular reader you’ll know we’ve reviewed the vanilla version of the Hyperion case. Hyperion is one of the gun manufacturers in Borderlands, which makes it a funny combination with the Evangelion range here. The serious tsundere stylings of Asuka Langley Soryu doesn’t blend with the irreverence of the Gearbox franchise in our heads. The design though eliminates all thoughts of anything other than Hideaki Anno’s cultural juggernaut.

ROG x Evangelion Hyperion Case

The huge X leading to the handles looked a little bit ‘out there’ in the stock version of the Hyperion, but here with the red accents it’s perfect. It would be all too easy to have done the minimum. As we’ll see throughout today’s overview, ASUS have gone above and beyond. The case is just the start.

Hyperion Case 2

Maybe it looks so perfect because Red was, for the longest time, the ROG colour. Whatever it might be, there is no doubt that the EVA 02 red that Asuka has made so famous looks incredible here. If you were around last gen for the EVA 01 purple hardware ASUS did, the efforts here shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Hyperion EVA 02

So pretty. The white band perfect apes the design of the EVA 02 itself.

ROG Hyperion

ROG X Evangelion Thor Platinum II PSU

The ROG Thor Platinum II has also had the OC3D Review treatment. If you ever need a high strength case then grabbing a Thor Platinum II is a great way to do so.

ROG x Evangelion THOR

By the very nature of power supplies this is the hardware that has had the least “Evangelion” treatment applied to it. It’s not without nods to the franchise though.

ROG Thor Asuka

Certainly a ROG power supply would be nothing if it wasn’t replete with connection options, fully modular, and even some lighting. Sorry that the angle of this photo makes the fan cover look like an optical illusion as you scroll.


Giant fans make for cool power supplies. Given how much power can be drawn by the setup ASUS have provided shows the wisdom of their decision to use the Thor for their NGE setup.

EVA 02 Fan

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