Corsair Californian HQ Tour

OC3D Tours - Inside Corsair

Video Tour

(Special thanks to Pascal for filming our tour of Corsair)

Wrapping things up

After seeing all of this it is hard to define Corsair as anything other than a magical place, but rest assured that the staff there work as hard as they play. 

Corsair has expanded tremendously over the past number of years, entering the fan and accessories market by storm to become one of the largest companies in both the PC and gaming markets. What we got to see in our visit is not just that Corsair has retained their sense of fun, but that their workers take their products seriously, explaining why they have become such big names in the fan and accessories markets in recent history. 

In OC3D’s trip to the US, our time with Corsair was undoubtedly one of the highlights, meeting the people behind the press releases while also getting a small glimpse of what is coming from the company in the future. Things are only set to get more interesting for Corsair moving forward.  

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