Corsair Californian HQ Tour

OC3D Tours - Inside Corsair

Corsair store mock-up

One of the first thing that you will see when entering Corsair HQ is what can be best described as a “mock-up shop”, an area that is designed to look like a high-end retail store or a themed booth for events like Dreamhack or EGX. 

This location showcases a lot of the company’s recent products, acting as a showroom with Corsair components and event exclusive merch. Sadly, this is not a real storefront, so Corsair fans can’t just show up and purchase anything here. 

OC3D Tours - Inside Corsair(This is what Tom gets for not taking a good photo of this area) 

Moving further into Corsair HQ access cards are required, giving users access to specific areas of the compound. This security measure prevents people from accessing restricted areas. Thankfully Corsair provided us with all-access security cards to give you guys our tour, which is something that Corsair may live to regret. 

Moving to the booths we do not find what would be considered a “typical” office environment; for starters, there is hardware everywhere, from AIOs to water coolers to the company’s latest RGB LED kits. 

Corsair’s staff do a lot of hardware/software testing, whether it is to do QA testing for the company’s software updates or to replicate any issues that are reported by their users. 


OC3D Tours - Inside Corsair  

As you can see, this area of Corsair HQ is very cluttered, though I imagine that many of you are drooling at the prospect of having this much hardware at your fingertips. Best start preparing your CV now, as I hear these jobs don’t stay vacant for long. 

OC3D Tours - Inside Corsair