Corsair Californian HQ Tour

OC3D Tours - Inside Corsair


This year has presented OC3D with a lot of exciting opportunities, finally allowing TTL out of the office and heading stateside to CES in Las Vegas and then the Corsair offices up in California.  

During our time with Corsair, we were given some time to view the facility, talk to their staff and even see some of Corsair’s future projects, though sadly much of this will have to remain on the down low, at least for now. 

While this brief visit to the US was packed with amazing experiences, from the packed halls of CES to Tom’s first time in a Mustang, our visit to Corsair HQ is something that will remain in our memory for quite some time. This is not your typical corporate entity, an area devoid of fun that mercilessly strives for profit; Corsair is a place where passionate people congregate, and ideas are born.

This is undoubtedly a place that we want to visit again. 


OC3D Tours - Inside Corsair(A big building and a Tiny Tom Logan)  

I warn you; when you look inside Corsair HQ, you might just find your dream workplace. We have both written and video components of this tour, so we advise that you keep your eyes peeled for potential new products or other interesting tidbits that Corsair staff have left lying around. 

OC3D Tours - Inside Corsair

(A sneak peek at the madness to come)