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PSU Internal Testing Suite – Meet ‘The Oven’ 

Corsair is world famous for their power supplies, pushing the boundaries of the industry in recent years through their creation of SFX units and now their use of Gallium Nitride in their AX1600i series units. 

As part of our tour, we were given the opportunity to have a look at the company’s PSU testing facilities, where Corsair tests their units to ensure that consumers are provided with accurate ratings for all of their products. 

Here Corsair tests their units under full load inside a temperature controlled oven with an ambient temperature of 50 degrees Celsius. This testing is conducted on a Chroma PSU tester, with Corsair staff being experts in the use of this beast of a machine.  

It is Corsair’s mastery of this machine that has allowed the company to become one of the world’s top-tier power supply manufacturers. Through in-depth testing, Corsair can find out exactly where weaknesses can be found in their units, allowing the company to improve their component selection with every product generation. 


OC3D Tours - Inside Corsair