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AIO cooler testing 

While most AIO liquid coolers are built by OEMs like Asetek and Coolit, it is wrong to assume that brands like Corsair merely purchases units without conducting independent testing and unique specifications.

To test their AIOs, Corsair uses a similar temperature controlled oven to ensure that their AIO designs are capable of handling the harshest loads that users can throw at them. Here at Corsair’s AIO test lab, they use a dummy CPU mount to deliver precise thermal loads to their AIOs, allowing them to define exactly how many watts of power/heat their units can handle at extreme ambient temperatures. 

If you have ever looked at the specifications of an AIO liquid cooler, you will likely see a defined wattage that the unit will be able to cool adequately. This is the test that allows these numbers to be accurately calculated. 

The other major perk of this unit is the ability to define a constant load, which is something that is difficult when using a CPU due to potential throttling, low power states and the variability to benchmarks and stress tests. This equipment can provide levels of accuracy and consistency that are impossible using real computer hardware. 


OC3D Tours - Inside Corsair