PCSpecialist Lunar Spark Review

PCSpecialist Lunar Spark Review


There are certain identifiers, whether brand or model range, that mean the price will be jacked up. A BMW 8 series and a Rolls Royce will both get you to your destination in luxurious style but the price ticket is wildly different. This occurs in our world too as anyone who has paid the ASUS tax will know. Where it really shines though is the moment something is aimed squarely as a “Gaming” product or system.

Most gaming systems clearly aren’t – check out PC World for examples – and those systems that are actual gaming setups usually have a ticket that makes us do a sharp intake of breath before selling our first born. PCSpecialist are fantastic at bridging the gap between an affordable system and one that is actually capable of gaming too. We’ve reviewed loads of their setups over the years, including a few recently that can do gaming at a relatively affordable price.

Those who pay attention to all our content will know that we were hugely impressed by the Intel Core i5-11400 CPU in our recent comparison review. Similarly we’ve found that the more affordable B560 motherboards bring the majority of what you need as a basis for a system without busting the budget, and that got us thinking. Would it be possible to build a system capable of gaming that cost less than a grand? PCSpecialist worked hard and came up with the answer in the form of today’s review. Welcome to the PCSpecialist Lunar Spark.

If you’re the kind of person who likes a singularity of purpose then you’ll be delighted with the specifications. Like a ghost chilli on a Ritz cracker all the money has been poured into the graphics card and all the other components are designed to facilitate it to be the best it can be. Let’s find out how good that is.

Review Specifications

It’s worth noting straight away that our review system came with a white Zotac RTX 3060, but because of supply issues you’re not guaranteed to receive the same card we did. We don’t need to tell you that graphics cards are thin on the ground right now so you’ll get whatever is in stock, the system is available to purchase from here: https://www.pcspecialist.co.uk/configure-review/435/

Case PCS P209 ARGB Mid Tower
Processor Intel Core i5-11400 Six Core
Motherboard ASUS TUF B560M-Plus
Memory 1x8GB Corsair Vengeance DDR4 2400MHz
Graphics 12GB Nvidia RTX 3060
OS Storage 256GB PCS SSD
Data Storage 1TB Seagate Barracuda
PSU Corsair 450W CV
Cooling PCS FrostFlow 100 RGB V3 120mm Air Cooler
Network Wireless 802.11N PCIe Card 1000 GB LAN
OS Windows 10 64bit Home