Scythe Orochi CPU Cooler

Scythe is a name synonymous with aftermarket cooling hardware. I would like to wager that there aren’t too many PC enthusiasts who hadn’t at least seen, owned or heard about this well known Japanese based company’s products. But who are Scythe, and what do they do?
Scythe Co., Ltd. (Registered & incorporated in Tokyo Japan) originally started in Akihabara Electric Town located in Tokyo Japan, where visitors can find the latest electric products from computer parts and accessories to the world’s most advanced cellular phones with video camera capabilities, small displays and the ability to play movies!

Scythe Co., Ltd., began its operation and business in November, 2002 as a distributor and manufacture of PC parts & gaming devices for “DIY PC Experts!”. Scythe’s first venture was to manufacture a super powerful YET super quiet CPU cooler (Scythe Kamakaze CPU cooler), and with the great success of this Kamakaze CPU cooler, Scythe became recognized as the leading CPU cooler supplier in Japan’s Akihabara Electric Town. Shortly there after, due to popular demand, Scythe began exporting products all over the world.

Scythe OrochiScythe has had an impressive run of success with their range of innovative and well-performing CPU heatsinks; plus they’ve gathered a considerable fan base along the way. From the Scythe Ninja through to the Scythe Mugen, there is a Scythe heatsink for every possible scenario and end-user.

Today, I have been given the opportunity to review the Scythe Orochi CPU Cooler, which is quite possibly the largest CPU heatsink that I’ve ever gotten my hands on – it’s simply massive! Furthermore; the Scythe Orochi has been marketed as ‘Quad-core ready and able to be used in a fanless capacity.

Right, enough of the chit-chat let’s get down to business by checking out the Scythe Orochi’s specifications. The specifications were taken directly from Scythe’s product page.
Model Name: Orochi CPU Cooler

Model Number: SCORC-1000

Socket 478 All Speeds
Socket T/(LGA)775 All Speeds

Socket 754 All Speeds
Socket 939 All Speeds
Socket AM2 All Speeds
Socket 940 All Speeds


120 x 194 x 155mm / 47.24 x 76.38 x 61.02inch (Overall Dimension)
140 x 140 x 25mm / 55.12 x 55.12 x 9.84inch (Fan Dimension)

Fan Speed: 500rpm (±10%)

Fan Noise: 10.8dBA

Air Flow: 29.39CFM

1155g (Unit) + 130g (Fan)
2.55lb (Unit) + 0.29lb (Fan)

With a gross mass of nearly 1300 grams the Scythe Orochi is bordering on the insane, but the 10 heatpipes and cooling surface area should enable it to present some really good cooling figures on the board. Let’s head over the page to have a look at the review specimen in a little more detail.