Scythe Orochi CPU Cooler

Test Results
Idle temps
Load temperatures
Overclocked chart
Noise chart
We can see from the top two charts that the Scythe Orochi performs very well in both idle and load temperature tests, especially when using the included 140mm fan. But this is Overclock3D and we want to see some overclocking right? Ramping up the vCore and FSB we can see that at 3.4Ghz my toasty little quad-core starts throwing out a challenge to the Scythe Orochi and leaves the Kama Cross behind (returning unacceptable 24/7 temperatures). The 140mm fan really doesn’t provide a hell of a lot of airflow and temperatures begin to escalate a little…Still I was expecting higher temperatures on the Orochi during passive testing. However, with the 140mm fan installed, I was able to take my Q6600 to 3.510Ghz with only slightly more elevated temperatures. Any further overclocking was not possible due to my OCZ Titanium memory not wanting to be pushed any further.
When it comes to noise testing the Scythe Orochi wins hands down. I really had to listen hard to hear the fan over the 2 x 120mm case fans that I have in my Thermaltake chassis. The 140mm fan didn’t exhibit any whining at all during testing and the only real noise came from air movement through the cooling fins.