Scythe Orochi CPU Cooler

Installation of the Scythe Orochi requires the motherboard backplate to be positioned and socket mount to be screwed to the heatsink.
backing plate in place Mounting hardware installation
The two mounting bars are screwed directly into the motherboard backplate with thin nylon washers in between. I found this part of the installation quite fiddly. You’ll also notice that I had to remove my Noctua NC-U6 passive NB heatsink in order to install the Orochi.
Mounting bars in place
Once you’ve applied your thermal paste onto your CPU, simply orientate the Orochi and press down the two retaining clips and voila. The beauty of the Orochi’s mounting system is that it is quite flexible in its orientation, although Scythe do recommend that it isn’t placed with the front of the heatsink facing down.
Heatsink mounted Heatsink mounted_2
As long as you have sufficient headroom in your chassis, the Scythe Orochi will complement any rig (or dwarf it lol), but please be mindful of the width required in order to accommodate it as shown in the image below.
Image illustrating width
Let’s head over the page to see how we’re going to test the Scythe Orochi.