Scythe Orochi CPU Cooler

A massive heatsink demands an equally large box in which to house it. The Orochi’s packaging is typical Scythe whereby every square inch of available space is plastered with the product’s specifications, features and images.
Orochi front of box Orochi top of box
Orochi side Orochi side_2
Opening up the Orochi’s packaging, we can see that it is extremely well packed and is snugly fitted within the included 140mm fan and the outside wall of the box. Immediately below the Scythe Orochi is a smaller white box containing all necesary mounting hardware.
Orochi packaging Orochi contents
Orochi mounting hardware
The box containing the mounting hardware reveals one obvious exclusion when opened – the Intel push-pin mounting system. It’s understandable as to why the push-pin mounting system has been omitted here due to the immense weight of the Scythe Orochi heatsink. Included in the packaging is:
* Scythe Orochi heatsink
* 140mm fan
* Fan clips
* Installation manual
* Thermal paste
* Intel and AMD mounting hardware.
A Closer Look
Looking a little closer at the Scythe Orochi, we can see just how large it is when compared to my Samsung Blackjack smartphone.
Orochi size comparison Orochi size comparison_2
My camera really doesn’t do the Scythe Orochi’s appearance justice here in these few pics, but hopefully you’ll get the idea.
Orochi rear Orochi front
Orochi underside
Every cooling fin on the Scythe Orochi is well-soldered, and the whole heatsink feels extremely solid and of very good quality.
Orochi well soldered
The 140mm fan included with the Scythe Orochi is a ball bearing type and of the quality that we’ve come to expect of Scythe. According to the specifications on the previous page, the fan doesn’t push a hell of a lot of air, but it is designed to be as silent as possible.
Orochi 140mm fan rear Orochi 140mm fan front
Let’s head over the page to see how easily this monster can be installed…