Scythe Orochi CPU Cooler

So how well did the Scythe Orochi fair in today’s review?
After picking myself up off the floor when I first unpackaged the heatsink and seeing its size (I can hear the innuendo now lol), it really started to grow on me. The build quality is typical Scythe – well-constructed and built to last. And the mounting system that Scythe designed to handle the Orochi’s sheer weight works well and feels solid, although the initial installation can be a fiddly affair.
I was quite impressed with the Scythe Orochi’s performance during the testing phase of today’s review, but I must admit to wanting a little more considering its size. Whether you decide to run the Scythe Orochi with or without the included 140mm fan, the cooling surface area combined with the ten copper heatpipes manages to draw the heat away quite well. During my testing, I did run some tests with alternative 120mm fans (Scythe S-Flex, Yate Loon and Noctua) and was greeted with better results than the the 140mm fan provided, but we need to be mindful that it means sacrificing the silent, or near silent properties of the default unit.
One question that I do have for Scythe and other heatsink manufacturers, however, is how big is too big? In this day and age it almost seems too easy to just build heatsinks bigger and able to accommodate more fans rather than design more efficient ways of removing waste heat utilising air movement and cooling fins. This isn’t in any way a negative comment towards Scythe or any other heatsink manufacturers, but perhaps more of a challenge to incite creativity and further R&D. Regardless, the Scythe Orochi is a really nice heatsink and a competent performer.
Pricing for the Scythe Orochi is a little at the ‘dearer end of town’, but when you consider the sheer size of it and the materials required to manufacture it, someone has to wear the cost… have the Scythe Orochi for £49.34 inc. VAT.
The Good
* Performance
* Near silent operation
* Build quality
* Sensible mounting system
The Mediocre
* Price
The Bad
* Weight
OC3D Recommended award
OC3D would like to thank Scythe for providing the Scythe Orochi for review
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