SilverStone Primera PM01 Review

SilverStone Primera PM01 Review


In the introduction we said that the Primera impressed us from the get go.  That said, we also commented that it would need to have substance as well as style.  Well we’re pleased to say it didn’t disappoint.  Let’s get the numbers out of the way first shall we.  Deep breath now…ATX and M-ATX, coolers up to 180mm tall, GPUs up to 16.5″, PSUs up to 240mm.  All the drives are stealthed behind the motherboard tray, with room for five dedicated 2.5″ and four which can be used for either 2.5″ or 3.5″.  The case comes with 3x140mm red LED fans in the front, and an additional 140mm fan in the rear, with room up top for either 3x120mm or 140mm fans.  Water cooling is also supported in a big way with both the front and the roof being able to take a 360mm rad, and although not at the same time, all is not lost as there’s ample room in the roof and front for 240mm or 280mm rads, with the front of the case in particular offering the option of fat rads in push pull.

The styling of the case may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but we happen to like the way SilverStone have pulled off the sleek look whilst also being able to offer high airflow.  The review sample we have came in high gloss piano black, but it can also be had in high gloss white or matt black if you’re a bit paranoid about fingerprints.

Building into the Primera is a piece of piddle, thanks in the main to the ample cable management space and well thought out management hole distribution.  With all the drives round the back of the motherboard there’s also no excuse for having an untidy interior and with that large window you’re going to want to keep the interior spick and span, especially when you consider the whole thing is lit by dimmable red LEDs

Do we have any criticisms of the Primera?  Well aside from it being a fingerprint and dust magnet, not really.  We would perhaps have liked to have seen the window be full width as well as full height to show of any front mounted rads, but that’s about it.  The only other thing we would perhaps like to see is a white LED option on this and the Blue LED’d white case, or maybe even an RGB option.  We appreciate there’s lots of red hard ware on the market, and that blue has a cold colour temperature, but we do still think white lighting is much preferred, especially if you’re going to be putting any shiny chrome fittings in there.

From a price perspective the £100 being asked for the Primera is quite a bit, but not when you think about what you’re getting for your money, especially if you’re looking for something with this much style.  The only real competition it has is the H440, with the decision as to which you opt for being most likely down to aesthetics.  As for awards, well the SilverStone Primera is most definitely OC3D approved. 

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