Gigabyte Z790 Aorus Pro X Review

Introduction and Technical SpecificationsAorus Pro X Review


Whenever there is a new product launch of this size we always have to make a decision about which of the many items we have on hand we’ll be reviewing on day one, and which are going to be covered in the days immediately following the launch. Gigabyte have supplied us with both their Z790 Aorus Master X, and their Z790 Aorus Pro X. Given that the Aorus Pro X is the more affordable of the two, and it’s white, there wasn’t really much difficulty in deciding.

This means you get to enjoy our review of this gorgeous all-white Aorus Pro X, and soon you’ll be able to catch up with our performance benchmarks of the Master X. If you’ve been following along with our previews you’ll know that this is a motherboard that supports the new Intel 14th Gen processors out of the box, and also brings some of the new technologies along. It is still basically the Z790 chipset with which you’re all familiar, but with native 20G USB support, Thunderbolt support, and the new high-bandwidth WiFi 7.

We understand you’ve a lot to read up on today, so let’s get down to business.

Technical Specifications

As always we’ll be going over the majority of this as we take you on a tour of the Gigabyte Z790 Aorus Pro X, but we know that many of you enjoy having it all clearly marked. Like a lot of motherboards the power stage is a parallel design rather than 18 standalone phases, instead consisting of 9+9. It should be more than enough even for the flagship Core i9-14900K we’re using for our Z790 refresh testing.

Aorus Pro X Specs Aorus Pro X Connectivity

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